Get to know us

Our Team

Monokul originally started as a research project, but our personal investment in the problem space has led it to evolve to its current state: a custom-engineered tool to help you identify problems that we think could be more effectively solved with access to data.

As a small, flexible team, we're excited to work closely with you to create a product that seamlessly integrates itself into your organization.

Tech Lead

Irfan Faizullabhoy

Irfan is passionate about exploring the intersection of humanities and cutting edge technology. Fervently recommends coding to the Star Wars theme song and a cuppa joe.

Product & Business Development

Benjamin Stanfield

Passionate about solving design flaws. Fervently recommends learning keyboard shortcuts on all softwares.

Data Science

Landon Brand

Fervently recommends staying in touch with nature. Give Mother Nature a call if you haven't been out in the wild recently. Believes that improved Brain Computer Interfaces are the key to happiness.

Design & Product Development

Mimi Tran Zambetti

Fervently recommends 99% dark chocolate. Huge fan of Kurt Vonnegut & diversity in tech. Specializes in all things design & making. Occasionally collects socks.